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Rebecca Bellafont Evans is of Spanish and British origin, as her father was Spanish and her mother is English, she has lived on the island her whole life and understands the Mallorcan ways better than most! She is multilingual and for this reason has always used her language skills in the workplace to great effect. As well as her profound knowledge of Mallorca and its practices, Rebecca has also gained tremendous experience in the tourism world, both here in Mallorca as well as in exotic destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, leading Ski resorts and cruise ships. Having carried out extensive research across the island, Rebecca discovered that no company was offering the multi-tiered raft of services that she felt were necessary for those relocating to Mallorca. For this reason she has founded, a one stop shop for those seeking services that require Spanish language and general day to day assistance. Customer Service has always been important to Rebecca and because of this she has recruited an excellent team to back her up in the office; Jackie Evans (Becky’s mum) has 40 years experience living here on the island so has seen quite a few changes in that time!! She has worked extensively in the tourism world both as co-proprietor of Prima Travel and previously with Thomson Holidays. The knowledge she gained from working in Calvia town hall for several years as an advisor in the foreign residents department is indispensable.