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Spanish Registrations

Town Hall Registration: If you are living in Spain it’s important that you register at your local town hall, this is necessary for a variety of different reasons, for example: to vote in local elections, pay your annual road tax, simply wish to qualify for reduced cost flights to the mainland.

Registering a marriage or birth: This has to be done within 30 days of the birth/marriage. We can assist with the Spanish administration as well as translating on the day.

School registration & Administration: School places aren’t automatically granted and need to be applied for at certain times of the year, we can help with the administration involved.

Registration certificates from the town hall: This is a certificate which proves that you are registered at the town hall and is necessary for certain transactions.

Changing address on town hall registry: It is important to keep all details up to date, so if you change your address then you also need to change details at the town hall.